Get The Benefit Of The Changelog Widget With The Help Of Stunning UI

With the help of coding, Feedsocio will allow you to integrate your business with the platform seamlessly.

Unlimited Entries

If you do not want the ideas or the roadmaps of the platform, do not worry, you can use the announcement widget, which is unlimited on the free plan.


Embeddable On Your Preference

Embed the announcement widget into the SaaS, or you can use Feedsocio as the standalone changelog tool.


You will have the ability to add photos, ideas, or videos to the announcement with the help of familiar editing, which is for speed and providing ease of use.


SSO Authentication

Get the best user experience with direct integration.

Full Translations

Translate each word in your language.


Bring your brand theme to Feedsocio.

Inline Admin

Manage everything within the same view.

Unlimited widgets

Develop countless widgets for all your plans.

Automatic status updates

With the help of automated emails, keep your customers up to date about each step.

.Idea .Roadmap .Announcement

Add users' voice in your product journey

Get The Best Features

Unlimited widgets

Create as much as a widget as per your desires.

Customisable Emails

Update email notifications based on copy and branding.

Custom Email Address

Get the ability to send all notifications from your domain.

Vote On Behalf

Can vote for your customer.


Application integration for a bug-free experience.

Custom Domains

Add a custom domain along with SSL supplied automatically.


Get a better understanding of the interface with your language.

Micro Roadmaps

Create different roadmap widgets based on other topics.

Unlimited Tracked Users

This feature is best for businesses with large databases and consumer-focused.

Duplicate Detection

Suggest similar ideas to your customers effortlessly.

Automatic Notifications

It will help you to notify your customers when their idea gets updated.


Get different themes according to your preference, such as Purple, Dark, and Light.


With Feedsocio webhooks, you can integrate any application.

Pinned Ideas and Comments

Highlight essential comments and ideas for people to see.

Bulk Import

It will help you to move to another product.

Comment Reactions

Build a better relationship with your customers.

Unlimited Announcements

The announcement product is free, and you can use it as much as you want.

Wordpress SSO Plugin

It is for you if you want to build a WordPress community.

Mark as Bug

Not all ideas are worthy. Keep the bugs away.

Announcements Reactions

Learn about people's reactions to your latest release.

.Idea .Roadmap .Announcement

Add users' voice in your product journey