​4 Tips for Improving Your Feature Request Responses


There may be several chances that you may not get satisfactory results when your customers are requesting product changes or new features. Imagine this, one of your customers is requesting a feature. However, you should know that the satisfaction survey will be bad, along with a comment about the product and not the service. 

Most of the people in the SaaS business tend to go through a similar phase. This is because people may be responding to feature requests inappropriately. There may be some cases in which we may already be building a feature that will make it easier to reply to the customer and let them know about the upcoming feature under development. 

How You Can Benefit From Customer Requests? 

When you make a product, there may be chances that most of your customers may not like your products or their features. When this happens, it can affect the reputation of your company. 

To tackle this, you should engage with your customers and learn about their needs and demands. You should also learn how their suggested features can help them. Customer feature requests will help you to get more clear insight and you will learn what your customer needs. 

When you make a product according to customer needs, it will provide you with robust brand loyalty and it will enhance the reputation of your brand.

So, if you are looking for ways to help you understand more about your customers and their needs, you should use an efficient tool with great features to help your business to become more efficient.

How To Respond To Feature Requests?

Customers want brands and companies to respond to them. It is why you should learn how to respond to customers’ feedback. Read the following to get more insight.

1. Acknowledge Each Feature Request

You should not give your users the chance to feel like their feedback is ignored. It is better for you that you acknowledge the feedback you get. It will let your customers know that you listen to them and their valuable feedback.

For optimal results, you should be sure that you acknowledge your customer feedback and guidance. When people feel like they are being listened to, they will have more chances to share it.

Things may get tricky; you should learn how exactly you should respond to each feature request you get. It was sufficient and possible to send out the email responses to every request you get in the early days, but as the customer base grows, the feedback volume you get will follow suit.

2. Dig Deeper To The Cause Of The Feature Request

Several resources can help you get more information regarding the cause of the feature request. It is better to encourage product managers to look for desired outcomes of the users. You should ask questions such as if your company follows the feature request, how it will benefit the customer, or what prevents them from doing it today.

You should know about the different levels of why and it will help your team get more insight into the cause. Once you have found the problem, you will initiate to articulate the possible test solutions.

You should not just respond to the feature requests. You should dig into them. The better you understand the problem and take time for validation that the solutions you will be putting in will be the correct ones, it will provide you with a better survey of the end-users.

3. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

Rather than using a formal tone or a style guide, when you are communicating with your customers, you should be to the point and do not make those promises that you cannot keep as it can affect the brand’s reputation. You should say that a feature is on the way rather than saying that you will launch the feature next month.

Stating a timeline and failing to meet the expectation may result in disappointment. If you are not sure about the feature, you should not say anything to light their expectations. You should respond to the requests and say that you will discuss them with your team and get back to you with more appropriate information.

4. Do Not Hesitate To Say Know

You need to be honest in all the responses. All of the received feature requests would be perfect and can be delivered and built out in this world. However, it is not appropriate in this case. The product managers must be picky when determining the feature to build.

Try Feedsocio To Collect Feature Request

Suppose you are not sure how you can easily respond to customers and their feedback. In that case, you should choose to use the Feedsocio tool as it can help you to collect ideas and feature requests directly from the customers and easily respond to the customers.

With the help of the automatic email feature, you will keep the customers updated about how the feature is in progress. Feedsocio will also let you share the roadmap with the customers, and it will let your customers know how the progress is going. 


Building a loyal customer base is an essential thing you can do if you want your company to succeed. Most business owners have used Feedsocio, which has helped them improve their products according to customer demands and feature requests.