How To Get Customer Feedback For Your Saas Product


Confused about how to get customer feedback for your SaaS product? If yes, then this article is for you. Below we have shared how you can easily collect valuable feedback from your customers to improve your Saas product.

The most common thing among famous SaaS companies is that they gather customer feedback and listen to their customers on what to improve. Feedback acts as a treasure for SaaS companies to improve their functioning better, and it can help you make informed and careful decisions. 

But feedback can be necessary but difficult for your company if you are starting. Your MVP doesn’t create a hassle and need for giving feedback yet, and your customers are not concerned about your company. 

Get Started By Choosing A Tool

The best way to start getting customer feedback is to organize a platform that would help you get the feedback. 

Everything will go in vain unless and until you choose a feedback gathering tool like FeedSocio. 

FeedSocio can help you stay organized, and it helps you keep the feedback in one place. You can create a public FeedSocio board where your users can submit the feedback gathered in one place. You can also track the feedback of these users. 

Now that you have a platform that can gather feedback, you can use the following strategies to encourage customer feedback. 

Polls And Surveys Can Be A Great Way

The first and foremost thing to remember is that you should keep your customer feedback session friendly and short. Polls can be a fun, quick, and easy strategy to gather feedback for your SaaS product. 

Most importantly, people enjoy taking them to see what others choose.

A poll can be used to ask a single pressing customer feedback question with three to five response options. You can be as lighthearted or serious as you want with your questions; keep them brief (and don’t be afraid to make them lighthearted).

By seamlessly incorporating your customer feedback into what the user is already doing, your feedback survey will feel like the next natural step. Simultaneously, your questions must be direct and to the point.

You can do this by following these two strategies:

1. Ask In A Unique Way

It is all about how you ask for things.

Assume your user completes your checkout process but does not complete the order confirmation. A pop-up window asking, “Why are you going?” sounds more accusatory than questioning. Instead of being forced to make up an excuse, your user will most likely leave.

You can instead ask, “what can be done” instead.  

2. A Good Timing Can Be Used

Consider the following scenario: you are asked to provide customer feedback on a SaaS product after only two minutes of use. It will cause an interruption, but it will also cost you the opportunity to receive a response.

Check that your polls or pop-ups for customer feedback are timed correctly in relation to the user’s experience.

You can also send in personalized surveys for individuals who are:

  • Your highest paying customers.
  • Your longest-staying customers.
  • Customers who use your most important features and specific audience. 

Live Chat Can Be The Best Way

Using a live chat is the best way to get feedback for your SaaS product. It shouldn’t matter if the chat is about a bug report, malfunction, or a general query. You can ask for new ideas, queries, or concerns after every session can be a great way to get feedback. 

If a customer has a problem with your app, don’t expect them to leave a negative review, and it’s far more likely that they’ll leave and never return.

However, if you use live chat support, you can catch those users before leaving. Prominent live support can answer your users’ questions right away.

It is not enough to have a customer service area. Surveys show that 80% of customers prefer solving their queries through live chats as they get immediate responses. Furthermore, a live chat conversation can be used to collect immediate user feedback for your SaaS product.

Live chats can help you show how much you care about them and give them time and space to get used to stuff like any new questions or improvements. 

You can use a tool like FeedSocio to gather all the customer feedback from Live chats. This saves time to stop manually logging into your account after every chat. 

Tell Your Customers That You Are Using A Feedback Tool

Some companies make giving feedback a hectic job. So, people avoid giving feedback because they are hard and annoying. 

Live chat can be great for feedback, but that is also more to understand. This holds many people back as they think they have to wait for long periods to get a response. 

Using specialized tools like FeedSocio helps you gather feedback and tell people that you care about them. It also shows that you are invested in gathering quality feedback, and feedback tools also help you easily gather tools with low effort. 

With FeedSocio, users can

  • They express desire for the changes that they want to see. 
  • With a click, vote on things that others have posted. 

This app functions with zero effort and is best for those who don’t want to make an effort to do more. 

1. Give A Reward

It’s a pure lie that gifts only allure kids, and rewards are the most wonderful marketing strategy. 

These rewards are a great way to attract your customer’s dedication. They’ll be more open to addressing your more challenging questions and devote more time to developing their responses.

However, you must be cautious about the rewards you offer, and an overly broad incentive may attract the wrong kind of consumers to your poll.

Like handing out a ₹500 Myntra gift card in exchange for a survey seems like a great offer, but you can afford to give so much money in turn for a fake review. 

A thorough understanding of your audience and a reward that benefits them only can help you improve your response rates.

While you reward them, don’t forget to thank them by saying 

  • Your feedback helped us improve and function in a better way. 
  • Knowing your experience helped us to improve the customer experience. 

You should also highlight those customers that give you valuable feedback. 

You can also thank your customers by posting their feedback surveys on your social media handles. Or you can build reels around and posts around the most valuable feedback. 

2. Examine Your Data

The goal isn’t to be annoying or rude, and it is to get quality reviews. Sending bulk messages can be annoying to customers, and this is where data collection and analysis come in handy. 

We’re not talking about survey data here. Instead, we’re referring to the information you can gather from sources such as your website or application.

Keep in mind that this type of data is simply an observation of what your users are already doing. It is not a substitute for gathering feedback directly from a user’s mouth.

It’s great for testing hypotheses, but it’s not so good for coming up with new ideas. Various tools are available to help you collect data depending on what you’re testing.

These strategies will help you give feedback easily and be fun, rather than making it seem like a job.

We suggest you use tools like Feedsocio to collect customer feedback. Click here to Book A Demo.