Product Validation – Everything You Should Know About This


You should know that developing software is a costly process, and the annual costs of software development are continuously rising. Therefore, product validation will be your best defence against the mounting charges. You need to proactively validate every iteration of your product to know which feature will add the most value for your potential audience.

Also, if you want to develop the right product for your market, continuous product validation will be your key. Continuously product validation is necessary to produce the correct product and ensure that your users adopt the new features. 

When you properly engage in product validation early on in the development process, you invest your time and funds advantageously to make the best product possible for your users. Continue reading to take a detailed look at the working process of the product validation process. 

What Is Product Validation? 

It is essential to know that the reason behind an unsuccessful product is to dive headfirst into creation. Launching the product without testing the idea is an owner’s big mistake, leading to failure. 

Therefore, one of the most crucial aspects of starting a business is to know the demand for your product. It will hurt and discourage you if you spend your time and energy creating a product that your users will find no interest in when you launch it. Luckily, you have a way to prevent significant failure, which will be product validation.

The practice of testing the product idea with your potential customers to get the proper feedback on the product’s viability is known as product validation. Getting input from Feedsocio is the best way to lower the risk of wasting your money and precious time on unnecessary features or developments. 

The main point of going via the product validation process is to decrease the expensive and time-consuming work until you are sure that you have valid data to build upon. 

How Continuous Product Validation Leads To A Better Product?

When creating a product, it needs to solve your users’ problems. When a product fulfils the customers’ needs, it will become a successful product. However, failure is a real risk in product development because products cannot fill the problem spot for the users. 

Therefore, to avoid failure, you need continuous product validation. A product validation will act as an external check on your product features. If the quality of the product is not practical, it is vital to get that information as early as possible. 

Things To Consider In The Process Of Product Validation

Here is the process of product validation:

Describe A Problem

Describing a problem is one of the most critical stages of the process. The successful product or service must resolve an actual and existing situation. Therefore, you need to define and name the problems you plan to execute correctly. Also, please consider whether the issue you are addressing is worth solving or not. 

Vision Statement

It would be nice to clear your value proposition by naming the assumptions and obstacles. Also, you need to properly know how your solution will cure potential customers’ pain. Moreover, it would help if you were clear about your minimum success criteria. Start the process by defining your goals and carefully considering the proper standards and critical metrics. 

Market Validation

Market Validation is another crucial step in the product validation process. Besides resolving the problem points of the customers, you also need a market for the idea. Please define your total market potential. 

You can use industry reports and Google Trends. Here is a tip for you: you can search for existing holes in the market rather than looking for a new one. It is the trick you can learn from your competitors’ mistakes.


Make your product better than your competitors. You need to correctly complete your homework by finding similar products already present in the market. 


To launch a new product, you must start from small. You need to define an excellent exclusive feature of the product or one service that resolves potential customers’ problems. It is essential to focus on one thing at a time and not get distracted. You should not plan many product lines or elaborate on the distribution channels. 

It is very crucial to have your entire focus on the budget and resources. Once your product performs well in the market, you will get plenty of time to process other details later.

Customer Validation

Before launching a product or service, you need to find your prospective customers. It would be nice if you were thoughtful about the users you’re going to serve. Therefore, it is essential to do proper customer research. 


You need to make an interactive and clickable version of your service or feature to reveal how it will work. You need to show the core features of your product.

Feedback With Feedsocio

Your interviews and interactions should be good when you get an appropriate audience. When you have feedback from feedsocio, you can keep yourself focused. Moreover, it is the best way to maximise your chance of a successful product launch. With the help of feedsocio, you can get potential feedback that will help you create a good product that your potential users like. 

It will also point out the features with a higher potential to provide value. It is better to get more opinions; you will ask questions and listen to what users want. 

Tips To Collect Better Product Validation Data From Your Potential Audiences

Product validation is a collaborative process with your targeted users. It is a method of taking steps to decrease different barriers. Here are some essential tips that will help you with the product validation process as simple as possible:

  • Build clear-cut surveys
  • Include a comment field for open-ended responses
  • Define product features in simple terms

What Are The Benefits Of Product Validation?

Here are some of the main benefits of product validation:

  • It saves your time and money
  • You get risk-free product development
  • Accelerated delivery
  • It is the fastest way to test your experiments
  • Brand awareness
  • You get a reality check of your product


Product validation can help you gain reassurance from the market and know your audiences’ needs and problems. You can use it to make more value within your product. Without product validation, you may waste time and money developing a useless product.