SaaS Feedback – A Complete Guide On It


When you want to build a sticky product, it is essential to collect SaaS feedback. It would help if you were obsessed with collecting customer feedback. However, everyone wants the collecting feedback process to be easy. It should be simple for your product team and also for your customers.

Continue reading this article to learn different types of SaaS feedback and other ways to collect SaaS feedback in one place.

What Are The Types Of SaaS Feedback?

If you want to capture more of the market and keep your audience happy, you must listen to SaaS feedback. Some of the main types of SaaS feedback that they get from their primary customers and actual users are:

Pre-Prototyping Feedback

Definition Of The Pre-Prototyping SaaS Feedback: Before creating a SaaS product, you must know what your users are looking for from your product. It is a smart move to have a conversation with your target customers. It would help if you talked with the audience before prototyping your product.

How To Collect Pre-Prototyping SaaS Feedback: You get many different ways to gather this type of feedback. There are other market research companies to which you can pay. You can also cold call and email your users for a quick interview. Moreover, you can ask people to introduce you to the right contacts for an interview.

Low Fidelity Prototype Feedback

Definition Of Low Fidelity Prototype SaaS Feedback: When you create a low fidelity prototype, you need to get SaaS feedback on the dashboard and features. A low-fidelity prototype includes a PDF file or a drawing on a whiteboard.

How To Collect Low Fidelity Prototype SaaS Feedback: You should use a market research company to get this type of feedback. It would be best if you directly reach out to your target users. Also, you can do this on social media. With simply a cold outbound email, you can reach your customers for feedback. Moreover, you can request introductions from friends or people you know to get feedback.

High Fidelity Prototype Feedback

Description Of High Fidelity Prototype SaaS: Creating a realistic prototype using Adobe XD, Invision, or Miro is better. When you want to gather SaaS feedback on the high fidelity prototype, you need to build your MVP.

How To Collect This Type Of SaaS Feedback: For this feedback, you have to create linear relationships with your target customers. However, it would help if you were a bit more self-explanatory. It is because you have to collect feedback via email or survey. However, you can have quick screen-sharing phone calls or in-person user testing. In-person user testing will be the perfect option for this type of feedback.

Beta User Feedback

Definition Of Beta User Feedback: When you create an MVP based on the validated prototype, the next step is to get the beta users. You have to know what they are thinking about your product. Also, you need to know what features they want to see in the product. Also, there is a need to know how well your product addresses users’ problems.

How To Collect This: If you provide free lifetime access to your beta users, they need to help you by giving you suggestions. They can reciprocate with QA. You can also create a private Slack channel or social media group for your beta users. Moreover, you can set up a customer feedback portal so that everyone can add their ideas at any time.

New Product Or Feature Launch Feedback

Description Of New Product SaaS Feedback: It is essential to discover what users think about their overall experience when launching any new product or feature. Also, you need to know what users think about the efficacy of the product’s functionality. Understanding whether the SaaS product meets users’ expectations and goals is also vital.

How To Gather This Type Of SaaS Feedback: When you launch any new product or feature, you must point your users in the direction of your feedback portal. It is the best way to learn where they can submit their feedback. You can also promote your feedback portal on the website.

Existing Feature Feedback

Definition Of Existing Feature Feedback: It involves suggestions, bug discoveries, functionality improvements, design ideas, etc.

How To Collect This Type Of Feedback: You can get this type of feedback from your user community and customer support chats. Also, replies to your marketing emails and other channels help in feedback. It is an intelligent way to train your customers to give you feedback.

What Are Different Ways To Collect SaaS Feedback For Your Product?

Some of the best and easy ways for collecting feedback are as below:

Polls And Surveys

Gathering information from polls and surveys is quick, easy, and fun. It is a great strategy to accumulate feedback for any SaaS product. Moreover, you should know that people love to see what everyone else is choosing. However, you need to keep the feedback process simple and user-friendly.

Social Media Monitoring And Listening

Social media is a great platform where people can express their opinion. This quality makes it the perfect place for collecting feedback for your product. Also, there will be times when you get feedback even without asking for it. Moreover, when you are active on social media, it can provide a pool of other information that you might not get from your users.

Use Live Chat Support

When you use live chat support for feedback, you can catch users before they disappear. In live chat support, you can get your answers by the user’s right when you need it.


Pop-ups are a potent tool that can help you to collect feedback from your audience. However, it would be best to use them not to annoy your customers adequately.

Here are some things to consider while using pop-ups:

  • Think when and where you can trigger the pop-up
  • Consider the design and style of the form
  • How you can write questions and answers

Text Your Customers

You can use plain text to your customer to collect feedback. However, it would be best to do it correctly and with permission. When you text your audience, you have to make sure you follow SMS compliance guidelines.


There are various ways to collect SaaS feedback for the product without annoying your customers. However, you need to use the right approach, which depends on the type of data you want. Also, there are various types of SaaS feedback that you can collect about your product.