January 31, 2023

Brazilian defensive Midfielder, Casemiro no doubt has been impressive for Man United so far this season in the EPL.

Ever since he started playing games for the team, he has been a mainstay.

However, before him and currently topping the EPL table with Arsenal is none other than Ghananian defensive Midfielder, Thomas Partey who has been key to the Gunners run as League Leaders so far this season.

No doubt, both Players were going to be compared at one stage.
Both Casemiro and Partey have similarities in their play and career path.
Both Players joined their respective English teams from La liga, Casemiro, Real Madrid and Partey, Atletico Madrid.
Both defensive Midfield stars also have an eye for goal as seen in the kind of goals both Players have scored this season for their clubs.
So judging based on these facts, it is difficult to see who is better but according to Rio Ferdinand, he thinks Casemiro is better and that might be true due to his experience and level of success.
What is your opinion?

3 thoughts on “Casemiro vs Partey: Who is the better Defensive Midfielder in EPL currently

  1. Partey is more composed. That’s the only difference between the two

    He slows and fasten the game

    While casemiro does more of not loosing the ball easly so the game speed always depends on Bruno Fernandez as the man in command

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