January 31, 2023

He told NBC Sports: “Arsenal’s interest remains strong. I think they’re staying calm. They’ll continue the conversations and there is optimism within The Emirates that with patience, they will get this done, given that the player has said he’d like to join them.

“His priority though is the Premier League, and perhaps that’s where Chelsea get a taste for this. As I understand it, Chelsea are monitoring the situation. They’re interested in all top young players, if the price is right and that’s the problem here with Shakhtar. They are not budging on that €100m valuation.

“I think this one might play out over the window. In fact some of them from Shakhtar are coming here tonight to watch the match. But I do think Arsenal are in a superior position. And I don’t think they’ll be too concerned at this point about a potential hijack from Chelsea.”

The Gunners have seen their bids to sign Mudryk rejected by the Ukrainian side so far, which has allowed Chelsea to come in and initiate talks with them.

One advantage Arsenal hold is that the winger has assured them that he wants to join and that could tip things in their favor in a transfer battle with their London rivals.

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