January 25, 2023

“I thought Mikel Arteta looked quite pathetic in the way he was carrying on,” explained Malcolm Macdonald while discussing the Arsenal boss’ antics on the touchline during the Newcastle United draw.

“If I were a member of the Arsenal board, I would have hauled him in and really taken a strip off him for behaving in that fashion. That is not the Arsenal way of doing things.”

The former Gunners player added: “Having played there I know that only too well. I know the ownership has gone very American these days but nevertheless, there is still this tradition and standards which need to be upheld.

“I thought that Arteta went way beyond the pale. Eddie Howe, the Newcastle manager, is absolutely right in saying that players want to see a manager who is cool and calm and who is in control of the situation.

“The Arsenal players in seeing Arteta’s antics will feel it’s alright to go chasing the referee. They are just following suit.”

Chaos ensued towards the end of the goalless draw as Granit Xhaka’s cross was blocked by Jacob Murphy’s arm.

A VAR check later it was deduced that Murphy’s arm was in a natural position and no penalty was given.

The decision was met with outrage from our players who surrounded the referee while Arteta was equally furious on the touchline.

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