January 25, 2023

“I try to do my best for this football club, to defend it, to promote it, to play with the passion I believe the game has to be played with.,” Arteta said in reaction to his touchline antics against Newcastle.

“There are moments – it is not the way I behaved against West Ham, every game is special. Every manager behaves differently regarding the circumstances.

“You cannot take the context out of a situation – I don’t think that is fair. That’s me! Whether I am here or on the pitch, that’s me – the good and the bad!”

On if he is going to change, he added: “That’s me! I will always try to be better. Whatever I do, if it is tomorrow or the next day, is to make the club stronger, my players better, play better and win.

“So if I have to do something, I will do it. If I have to change something, believe me, I will look in the mirror at myself and I will change it very quickly.”

Arteta was involved in a heated exchange with Eddie Howe during the 0-0 draw. Arsenal have been charged by the FA for their conduct in the game.

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