Odegaard vs De Bruyne: Who is the better Attacking Midfielder currently in the EPL?

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Martin Odegaard and Kevin De Bruyne are arguably two of the best attacking Midfielders currently in the EPL. Odegaard represents Arsenal while De Bruyne plays for Man City.

Due to their creative abilities and similar style of Play, both Players were definitely going to be compared at some point to see who is the better Player currently in that attacking Midfield position.

For Odegaard, he has been one of Arsenal’s most important Players this season. The Norwegian Midfielder has been one of the key driving force behind his team’s push towards winning the EPL title this season. His creativity, passing and goalscoring have led to 10 goals amd 6 assists so far this season.

Kevin De Bruyne on the other hand is already an EPL Midfield icon with almost a century of assists to his name. However, for this season and currently in the EPL, the Belgian has 4 goals and 12 assists for Man City which also amounts to 16 goal contributions, same as Odegaard.

However, judging based on stats and significance of their influence in their respective teams this season, Odegaard slightly edges out De Bruyne as the best Attacking Midfielder currently in the EPL.

What is your opinion?

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